Virginia 'Ginger' Farley French, Pharm.D.
Consultant, Specializing in Clinical Pharmacy
Virginia 'Ginger' Farley French, Pharm.D. | Consultant Specializing in Clinical Pharmacy

Virginia 'Ginger' Farley French, Pharm.D., is a Consultant who served a nonprofit foundation which promotes research and education for the fostering of new medical skills and knowledge in others. The organization’s services are made available to medical practitioners, medical students and residents, and other recognized medically and scientifically qualified investigators. The foundation’s purpose is to equip investigators with any added training and review needed to accomplish safe and scientific research while protecting the human subjects who may participate in these studies.  This, then, can be shared with others in their respective area of training, expertise, or chosen profession. Dr. French is lauded for her work as a clinical pharmacist, and an expert on regulations for investigational research. She also co-authored the “Drug Guide for Psychiatric Nursing,” with the F.A. Davis Company in 1990.

In June 2012, Dr. French opened a small company named French & French, LLC. The company is in the field of ethical investments and day trading. As the owner of the business, she consults with clients and actively works with the company’s assets.

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Virginia 'Ginger' Farley
French, Pharm.D.
Consultant Specializing in Clinical Pharmacy
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